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Gault Electric, established in 1995, has thrived under the visionary leadership of Will Cannon and his team. Starting from modest beginnings and relying on traditional methods, the company has transformed into an industry leader, embodying a commitment to excellence from its inception. In times of crisis, such as during Hurricane Isabelle, Gault Electric's prompt response, supplying vital generators to affected areas, underscores its dedication to community support and ensuring uninterrupted service for its valued customers.


Expanding its presence with a branch in Florida in 2002, Gault Electric continued its upward trajectory under Cannon's leadership in Virginia. Cultivating strong bonds with employees and prioritizing customer satisfaction, the company epitomizes a culture of problem-solving and adaptability. Embracing renewable energy solutions such as solar panels and electric vehicle chargers, Gault Electric remains at the forefront of innovation, shaping a sustainable future while upholding its core values of excellence and customer-centric service.

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