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When your power goes out, will you be ready?

Severe weather causes 87% of power outages. Weather-related outages have doubled since 2003 and cost American households over $150 billion per year. In October of 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused over 392,000 power outages locally; some of those lasting up to one week. Outages can cost the average household $250-$500 in food loss and $110 per night for alternative shelter. Don’t become one of these statistics. Protect your family with a Gault Electric installed interlock switch for a portable generator or automatic standby generator ranging from 7KW to 150KW, depending on your needs.


Since 2003, over 20 percent of Americans have lost power for more than eight hours. Protect your family with a generator, expertly installed by Gault Electric.

At Gault Electric,


We understand your critical need for electricity to keep your home and workplace functioning at full capacity.


So whether you need a generator installation, repair, or replacement services, you can rely on Gault Electric to respond promptly to your call.

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